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2023 Community Youth Concepts Beverage Station

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In consideration of the benefits and privileges of participating and as a volunteer at the Des Moines Arts Festival; and exchanging mutual considerations of various types; the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, volunteer hereby releases, Des Moines Arts Festival, its directors, officers, employees, and other agents or affiliates from any and all liability for any damage or injury, including death, suffered by the volunteer, in connection with any work or other activities related to the Des Moines Arts Festival.
While participating in events held or sponsored by Des Moines Arts Festival® Covid-19 protocols will be implemented. All volunteers and festival contractors, vendors, and participants will be required to follow those protocols. I understand and agree to follow these rules and all health and safety guidelines which are communicated to me.

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NationwideBravo Greater Des MoinesIowa Arts CouncilMidAmerican Energy